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Originally Posted by geezer56 View Post
Funny thing happened today. I got the twin of that box delivered to North Carolina. Now, iffen I can get smart enough to figure out the instruction booklet, I will be mounting it up and getting ready to smack swine.
Its not too bad, choose white or black imaging,pick out the retical you like and sight it in. I start at 15 yards then move to 25yds, go to 50yds then a 100. You can increase power as you move the target back.

There is a ton of settings on the thing and that is where it gets confusing for me. I just sit in the blind and tinker with the settings till I find whats best for me.

I like the fast focus lever on the front and the retical is the cross with a circle and dot in middle.

I did the paper work for a 30 cal suppressor, so a year from now......
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