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Default Chaparral Youth Antlerless report

Sorry for the late report, but work has a habit of consuming all of my free time. We arrived late Thursday night, setup at the campground, and finally turned in around 1am. Next morning after orientation we were assigned a compartment in Hogue. We scouted the sendero with the elevated blind and the other sendero in our area, and decided we would try the elevated blind for that afternoon/evening. After a long sit around 5:50pm 2 spikes came out to the corn. We judged hard and decided to give them a pass. Next morning we sat in the stand and it was quiet. Called it off at 11am and figured we needed to try something different. Went over to the other sendero and found a good spot about 1/2 way down to set up the popup. Got it all brushed in and while throwing some corn had a decent 8 walk out and stare at us for a couple minutes and walk off. Alright we thought,finally some movement and hunkered down for the afternoon/evening. Had a fawn come out around 3pm but other than that all quiet. My son and I were getting a little discouraged but I told him to keep on truckin and we still had a few hours left, anything can happen. About 5pm he whirls around saying he sees a lone javelina. I judge the boar about 300yds and he's following the kernel trail so hold tight and see if you can get a closer shot. 10min later he was about 110yds out and turned broadside. My son throws a round and drops him. High fives were thrown and he excitedly runs over to check out his 1st javi. That was his first hunt for something other than birds and he is hooked! Had a great time at the Chap and some really good bonding time with my boy.

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