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Originally Posted by alwaysinshorts View Post
the knife is beautiful. But i have a comment, a negative one but not to your knife just in general.

when i was a little kids my parents didn't buy me knives are anything like that but i would buy them on my own when i went to the local hardware store. I always bought knives like the one you have shown at the top. The negative comment is the fact that as a kid i would use them and always have time close on my fingers when you pushed to hard on the back side of the knife. since then i have always wondered way non-locking knives were not a standard. Because as i got older (I'm talking 7 or 8) i would only buy buck style knives because they would lock.

Why do people carry knives like the ones you have that fold but do not lock?
Honestly, I have no idea....haha the slipjoints like the ones I made above, do not have a lock per se, so you have to be careful using it in a stabbing motion and make sure you apply downward pressure. If the pressure is applied to the cutting edge of the blade, then you dont have a problem with it closing on you. Slipjoints have been around for a LONG time. For me, it's a nostalgia thing with slipjoints...its the 1st kind of knife I carried, and it's what my granddad always had on him. I've never made a folding knife with a lock on it because it's a little more complicated. I intend on trying a lockback folder in the near future though! Good question![emoji16]

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