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I’m facing the same situation. Our baby was born the day after Christmas, and we have had the dog for over nine years now. Our dog is still figuring out how the baby fits into the hierarchy, but she is learning. The dog growled at the baby once about a month ago, and I was all over her ***. The baby absolutely loves our dog. She tries to crawl down to the dog any chance she can get. Earlier tonight, the dog was licking our baby’s legs and feet. She’s starting to show improvement.

As stupid as some may feel, my wife and I have treated our dog like a child since we got her. If the dog was to bite the baby, I would feel horrible and give the dog to my dad or mother-in-law.

I would make sure to be involved in all interactions between the baby and dog. Our dog used to lay in our bed too. Sorry, but that has to end. Now. Hopefully, I don’t have to make the decision that you are facing. Good luck, brother.
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