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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
I have an 8 year old Vizsla that is my best friend. Iíve had her through some rough times and weíve been all over Texas together. Sheís slept with my nieces and nephews and has been around older kids the last 4 years.

My son was born 8/10/2017 and he just started crawling in the last 2 weeks. My Vizsla is pretty jealous of the baby even when I try to give her what little extra time I have. For 8 years sheís been all of my free time, so itís a big adjustment.

Last week she snapped at my son when he tried to crawl over her. I was not in the room and wouldnít have let that happen, but I canít be there all the time. She didnít get him, but it was a clear warning. On Thursday, my wife had my son in her arms and my dog was laying on the bed. She let my son pet Coco and Coco turned around and nipped him above the eye. It was enough to break skin.

So now I sit here trying to decide what to do. Anyone that has a young kid knows they are all over the place. The last few days Iíve kept my dog out of the family areas using a baby gate but Vizslas donít do well when they are isolated from the family.

I know many people here think dogs are tools, but this dog has been my best friend through some rough times over the years. We literally did everything together.

At this point I feel like my only choices are to gate her away from the baby (which is difficult with in-home childcare) or find a couple without kids or with older kids that will take her.

Any ideas from the green screen? Anyone have/had a similar problem? I love my dog, but I love my son more.
Can you make her an outside dog?
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