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Originally Posted by Double-O-Dave View Post
Hudson's uses Klein's to process some of their products. We tried Hudson's one year. I think their products are good, but then I found out they commingle meat - so it's doubtful you get your deer back. Also, their receiving area for wild game (in the back) doesn't smell too good. Compare and contrast that with Smokey Denmark's - very efficient, ultra clean receiving area, and they don't commingle meats - the game you drop off is the game used in the finished product you pick up. Actually, I think Hudson's products actually taste better, but all is irrelevant now as Smokey Denmark no longer processes wild game due to high staff turnover. Dang shame, now we are searching for a good processor in the Austin area.


I used Hudson's for the first time last year. I got a bunch of different things made from the deer to try them out. As far as the quality of the product goes, everything is/was very good. No Complaints. However, I do have a weird feeling after the experience after finding out that the meat I got back wasn't my deer only. When dropping my meat off, the guy in front of me opened his cooler where I see mangled meat from the gun shots and stomach matter everywhere on the meat. Hudson's threw it all in the basket, sprayed it off with a water hose, weighed it, and threw it in the meat pile. I take a lot of pride in keeping my meat clean just to have it thrown in with everyone else. I may use them again for one deer to get their chop steaks or something, but I too would like to find a good processor close to Austin who uses YOUR deer meat and no one elses.

Does anyone know how Hudson's goes about things if I where to bring them something other than whitetail? What if I brought them antelope or axis meat? Would they throw it in the same piles as the whitetail? Or would they process your meat separately in that situation? Hmmm.
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