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The A max works great when driven at the right speed . I have used it to kill many white tail and mule deer Elk as well . Again the right FPS round . I used it for a 300 RUM back when that round was new and box ammo was not like it is today .

This is off another LR site and I feel its very well written so I copied it vs re typing all of it I feel that the guy got it right as my finding where what he has posted .

Hornady’s 178 grain A-Max works exceptionally well on light bodied game. On game weighing between 90 and 150kg (200-330lb), the A-Max does its best work at impact velocities below 3100fps or 90 yards from a MV of 3300fps, producing wide wounding out to ranges of around 1160 yards. But for true long range hunting as well as for general work on medium game at all ranges, the 208 grain A-Max has the greatest strengths. The 208 grain A-Max is perfectly adequate for game as light as 40kg (88lb) upwards. Poor penetration is to be expected on large bodied game at close ranges, especially so at impact velocities above 2900fps. Below 2900fps, penetration is fair. Below 2600fps, the A-Max is able to produce a more uniform cluster of fragments with the potential to produce a deep, central wound channel on large bodied game weighing between 90 and 320kg (200-700lb), with the capacity to tackle somewhat heavier body weights as velocities fall below 2200fps. Driven at 3100fps and with a high BC of .648, the 208 grain A-Max is capable of producing fast kills, with room for error, out to a range of around 1400 yards (1400fps).

With that siad I have never used it in a small caliber only in weights of 178 and heavier . The point is the animal is dead right ?? The round did what it should have . I mean I had a soft point round on the 243 punch a pig small hole in and out pig ran maybe 75 yards ( honest distance ) . Shoot another pig same spot with a target bullet and it dropped on the spot .. Either way the game is dead and the job was completed .

Last year shot a decent size 8 at 378 yards almost 100 broad side with a 308 SST round . Heart lung shoot the deer took maybe 3 steps dropped .. NO exit wound almost total loss of front should meat due to trauma bone fragments . We found bullet shards into both hind quarters .

To me that round failed in my opinion However the deer was dead , and hence the bullet did its job .

143 ELDX honrday box ammo 6.5CM
So since I have a pic its clear the bullet did not pass through Quartering shot in front of shoulder to get proper Exit or at least line of sight for exit . Any takes on how far away the shot was ??

Untitled by GMR Performance, on Flickr

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