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It makes sense.

Maybe I am looking at it wrong, but it seems like that your muscles aren't really all that used to that amount of weight and your back perhaps may not be strong enough to hold that weight by itself so your body is unwilling to transfer the load and keeps it distributed. Not to mention there is still a lot of tension in holding that string etc that kind of clouds what is going on.

I am certain I go through this... I probably carry too much weight on certain muscles instead of a full transfer.

The recommendation I'd have is to start off with low weight... you get an better idea of how that hold works at much lower weight. At 50#, I honestly can't tell... and I pretty much try to draw with my back anyways and keep tension off that shoulder.

People, including myself think they have great back strength... when I do a standard pullup, I would love to think I am really engaging the back more... but honestly I am certain I am using more strength in my biceps than my traps/delts... I know this because when I go wide on the bar... I suck at pull ups...
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