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Originally Posted by fullsizeaggie View Post
I cooked my first brisket this weekend. Smoker is just some air compressor tanks. Use it quite often for ribs, chicken and the like. I think it works well. On to the brisket. I had a regular 1.96/lb from HEB untrimmed 9.?? pounds. I think I overcooked it and it was partially dry. Taste was quite good as well as smoke ring. I froze it for a couple of weeks (is that really bad? ) and defrosted in fridge. Trimmed very little, fat was thin. Rubbed in mustard and Stubbs Beef as well as coarse black pepper and let it sit overnight covered in fridge. Started at 6am using a mix of pecan and hickory, all I have at the time. Attempted to keep 225-250 but had some 25* swings. Let it smoke for 3 hours then just rotated sides. Put in gauge at 5 hours, temp was 140ish. At a little over 6 hours, temp was 160ish so I wrapped it in foil then. Rotated it back to original position. Fat side up the entire time. At the 6 hour mark I probed in a couple spots and I thought the probe went in fairly easy but maybe not done easy. I just watched the temp for another 3 hours. Got to 175-185 in a couple spots and was very easy to get gauge in. This was 9 hours now. It felt done and looked done. I pulled it and let sit in cooler for 2 hours. There was a good amount of juice in the foil, I did flip the brisket over in the cooler during the setting time. I'm glad I didn't take it to 195 or 200! I need to make my wood chunks smaller, that will help with temp reg. Otherwise, any obvious flaws?
I couldn't imagine a brisket being tender at 175-185 unless it was cooked for 20+ hours. It was likely dry because the fat hadn't even rendered out yet. When I say pull it when it "probes like butter" I mean there should be ZERO resistance. Since I did this write up, I have now moved to hot and fast style cooking for brisket. I cook at about 300 degrees and my briskets normally probe tender around 210 degrees IT. Also, next time just put that sucker on the pit and leave it alone. There is no need to keep moving it around, especially when you're cooking at low temperatures. Hope this helps!
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