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Eight Point
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From the North shore looking back at the boat house.

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Same spot on the North shore looking towards the shallows

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The shallow area from as far as I could walk up the north shore in my flip flops. Forgot my phone when we toured it via boat, but you can get a fishing boat around the large tree in the back left by following the channel they cut with the dozer.

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Same spot looking South onto the lake.

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Standing at the culverts looking back North towards the boat house. The water on the other side of the culverts was one of the spots I took the minnow pictures.

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Standing on the long sloping point looking towards the culverts. They're located at the end of the arm just beyond the grassy point you see in this picture.

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Same spot on the sloping point looking towards the boat house. The trees in the middle of this picture are in 7-8' of water. The channel runs through the middle of them and it is 10-11' at this point.

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Same spot on the sloping point looking towards the North shore line. To the right are the shallows.

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Same spot looking into the shallow part on the far East side of the lake.

Appreciate y'all following on as it was built. Now we wait.
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