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Originally Posted by Ride_Klein View Post
Appreciate all the comments, and thanks for dragging this one back up. It is fun to work out there.

Lake is coming along well. Rain has the water cloudy, but hopefully it will settle out soon. Two weekends ago we added almost 1000lbs of crawfish. Didn't get too many pictures, but here's one of the bags we dumped in

Attachment 781253

Felt weird to see a pickup bed full of mud bugs and not boil a one. Pretty good survival all in all, but the bags that we dumped straight into the water had bigger die off than the ones we spread along the bank and let them crawl in on their own.

I haven't fished the lake this year, but this monkey of mine caught a good one out there. He claims it is the lake record. We told him it wasn't a competition

Attachment 781254

You guys throw some chicken fried steak in there too? Maybe dump a few wheel barrows of ribeyes out on the ground? I mean as long as we're dumping perfectly good food in the pond, may as well top her off with Keystone Light and Pendletons.....

That dog'!
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