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Originally Posted by TUCO View Post
That's the feeling I got as well BT.

I think the tension increased even more after the traps had been in the ground several days. I tested a few (that I was pulling up), which had been buried for four or five days; and it left little doubt as to why they didnít go off when a coyote stepped on the pan. I think the soil/sand conditions are compounding the problem. It made me wonder just how many coyotes I have actually missed because of this.

The slightest amount of moisture seems to make the loose sand the trap is bedded in become hardened enough to stick together inside the jaws of the trap. I discovered this when I pulled up unfired traps, and the sand stayed with the trap when I unearthed it.

What Iíve also discovered is that sand gets packed up under the 550ís pan in the area where the dog latches, and I believe that might account for higher tensions leading to misses as well. Maybe a little extra poly shoved under the pan just below the dog would remedy this.

If you guys have experienced these same conditions, Iíd like to hear how you dealt with them.
I think you should bend them just slightly. I forgot about the sand you trap in, it definitely gets in there. You can always take the bend out if you don't like it.
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