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Default Successful Harvey Donation Hunt

Had a great week hosting a Harvey donation hunt out in Sonora, Texas. Lots of axis down and was able to donate 400 pounds of ground axis meat to two food pantries that will directly benefit flood victims. Within a week we were able to shoot 15 axis and have it all processed and delivered. Want to give a special thanks to RoughCreek Taxidermy & Processing in Sonora Texas for their time processing all the meat, the Pfluger Ranch for the land to hunt on, HEB for the beef donations to mix with the axis, Pastor Stanley Clark and AMEN food pantry for getting this meat to those in need, and above all else God for providing this opportunity. Its been great seeing so much positive offerings by so many in the community and want to also give a special thanks to the TBH community for the time and efforts yall all put in. May God continue to show the world that he is here with an army backing him.
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