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Originally Posted by SB09 View Post
I can tell you're frustrated and I totally understand why. But, please don't put others down because of it. O&G isn't the only occupation where a person can make a good living. There is many more occupations that pay just as much, sometimes more, than O&G. I know because I'm working my way into one as we speak. Besides that, some people are happy with what they do for reasons besides a salary. Doesn't mean they're any less of a person than someone who works this industry. I, for one, don't want, "the life" in your words. I'm not interested in it. Doesn't mean I'm a miserable person, with a miserable life, working a dead end job. That's a broad blanket statement. Doesn't mean I hate people that work in the O&G industry either. I'm sure you dislike it when someone makes a blanket statement aimed at ones living, "the life" right?
Steve is about as good a guy as they come and I know he doesn't mean people who aren't in O&G are any less of a person.. Some guys here are struggling and the frustration will show and show more and worse when certain people keep coming here to poke at them
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