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Originally Posted by topshot View Post
Thanks for making it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that you did not read my first post. If you are wise you will go back and read all my posts to see why i came here, and why i am done. Please do your part to promote truth to your counterparts out by knowing the whole story.

making an extra 20-30k per year is not worth the extra time and effort (physical and time away from family) that you guys put in. I was taught by my dad that it is far better to make money by using your brain than your body, as your body will wear out faster. I was simply inquiring to verify if the work was as hard as the word on the street led it to appear.

I want you to know that i honor your hard work and effort to get ahead and put money in savings. By no means am i saying your work is less valuable or honorable. I'm simply saying its not for me, and the bit of extra cash is not worth the time away; hence another reason why my wife is a stay at home mom. The extra 40k per year would be great, but not at the expense of my kids being raised by strangers in a daycare system. Time with their mommy is invaluable.
You are definitely correct the time and effort would not be worth an extra 20-30k.

Yes the work is THAT hard starting out but only until certain positions. A smart man that works hard will be away from those positions before his body is wore out though.

Glad you have found what works best for your family. This is what works best for us and for the same reasons my wife stays home also.
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