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Originally Posted by jooger17 View Post
I'm 31 and in the vast majority it does take a lot of time. When I broke out I was told that if I busted my *** I'd be drilling in 10 years. My driller was at the time, the youngest anyone could remember with that particular company. He was 26. I set a goal for myself to be drilling by the time I was 25. 19 months later I had a drilling job. As far as the mega salaries go, I turned down a directional job for 10 years. If I'd taken that job then, I'd be retired by now.

It seems like a lot of you guys come here to poke sticks at us guys that are willing to bust their ***, spend time away from home, and work in an environment that wants to kill you every day. And you cap it off with, "I'll stick to my blah blah blah job." If that's your reason for coming here, you're in the wrong spot.

No one here is asking for sympathy. This thread was started months ago warning this decline was coming. Now that it's happened it's been a very resourceful tool for guys looking for a job, outlooks on increasing or decreasing prices etc.
A couple of y'all do a better job of explaining stuff than I can to people "with out getting thrown in the cooler" who don't know crap about the oil field. Again. I wonder why they open this thread... Makes me have to go take another blood pressure pill, even on my days off. Lol.
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