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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolf View Post
I agree - saw I guy shooting a crossbow bow unzip the top of a fawn opening day last year. From the top of her tail to between her shoulders. Was a steep quartering away shot and he shot high. Crossbow was loud as heck. Just cut the skin.......terrible.
I don't usually chime in on the Xbow discussions but I guess I'm feeling frisky tonight.

I've never shot one, don't know much about them either. I don't foresee myself using one but I can't say what the future will hold for me. I prefer a longbow. Just my preference and it doesn't make me better or worse than the next hunter.

Just wanted to say however that the event you witness with a crossbow I've seen more times than I care to think about by people using compounds, recurves, longbows and even firearms. It isn't the weapon nearly as much as the hunter and his/her preparedness and competence.

Off my soap box for now. Carry on.
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