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Originally Posted by kumathebear View Post
LOL, hunted Coke & Sterling county for years now and plenty of deer! Our Sterling lease had a old house on it...hunted it for 13 years then on a whim they let the Grandkids take it and we were off.

On to Robert Lee, last 5 years....we DON'T have water, just electric for our old deer camp RV's. Ton's of quail, predators, hogs and plenty of Deer!! We are very close to Robert Lee and it has all we need for day to day. Angelo is about 30 minutes if we need anything RL does not have?

THIS is a great area and having WATER, ELECTRIC is more than worth it as we/I know this area very well. So many on the GS that always post wanting a lease...suspect they are too far away or want the GIANT south Tx bucks or....just don't have a clue!!

Good luck and with the hookups, not that bad at all per acreage....oh, my "little buck" from last November..not bad? New computer but I have more pics on my old one....Scored very nicely for this ole' man!
I totally agree sir. That's also a nice and tall 9, congrats. I figured these two spots would be gone in a few days but boy was I wrong. From the green screen I have actually only had three guys with any interest. One person Came out and looked at the lease and best I could tell, really liked it. It just wasn't gonna work out for him this season because of prior commitments. Really great guy to visit with too. Talked to another real nice guy but unfortunately it just didn't work out for us. So,the search for the right two continues. It's starting to look like I'll have the whole place alone this season.
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