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Default The Liberal Mind - Be Respectful

Most of us recognize the duplicity of the liberal mind. Being, liberalism can be found in educated and intellectual minds, it is evident, it cannot be linked only to lack of intelligence. There are plenty of uneducated and unintelligent Conservatives on the flip side. I have long believed it could be clinically characterized as a mental disorder while nearing psychosis in some people. Some of us have batted around similar notions because of the refusal of the liberal person to recognize proven fact or simply attempt to change its definition entirely. I have a sister and now, two former (thank God) brothers-in-law who are staunch liberals. One is a highly regarded lead surgeon and the other is an engineer and a lawyer. Early on, I believed they were being contrary for the sake of being so. That is, until I saw the parallels between them and others I encountered. The traits and behaviors are predictable and repeatable just like a mental disorder (i.e. OCD, hoarding, etc.) thus, they make no sense to the logical mind. How does this happen? How do people such as surgeons and engineers whom function by fact alone have a brain that also allows them to disregard reason and fact?

What say you TBH politics forum? Mental disorder or simply misguided thought? Or Both? Please be respectful so this isn't pulled down.

If you're offended by this, don't be. It is a topic to discuss and not a springboard for belittling you and your beliefs. Jump in and partake if you feel strongly enough. However, if you get into personal attacks, you will need thick skin!
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