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Originally Posted by gettin closer View Post
I know this thread has been here a while but I found it very helpful! I have been trying to shoot instinctively and sometimes at 35 yds I have 2 arrows 2" apart (luck) and other times at 10 yds I have 2 arrows 9" apart. If I didn't burn a hole through the target or if I got distracted a sit second before the shot, who knows where the arrow would go. I just tried this tonight and after a slight modification to my anchor. I am rubbing feathers and they are going where I want them too! This is too cool.

Thanks Draco for posting this. The pictures really brought it all together!
You are quite welcome and I'm glad it helped. While this method isn't for every one, it is quite fast to learn. How ever it will not work, nor any other method, with out good basic form. Make sure your form stays good.
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