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Originally Posted by RickBarbee View Post
Current draw weight is 69.5# at my 29.5" draw.

Arrows are:

Widowmaker Smash .300's. Company out of Australia.

These shafts use hard aluminum Outserts weighing 40 gr, that are tapered to the shaft from the mid point back.

The outsert weight gets spit between the point, and the shaft.
25 gr to the point.
15 gr (tapered half) to the shaft.
This is due to the outsert being 1" longer than the spot where the shaft bottoms out inside of it.

The actual shaft length is 30.25", and they have to be calculated that way for dynamic spine, and FOC due to the extra 1" / 20 gr of outsert added to the point weight, which makes them measure 31.25" to back of the actual point.

175 gr points with two 5 gr brass washers,
plus the 25 gr of outsert = 210 gr of actual out front weight.

6" wraps with 3 X 4" Marco Soft Vanes.

.166 GTO Goldtip nocks.

Total weight 640 gr / 9.3 GPP.

FOC = 14.4%.

These are a little on the weak side in dynamic spine, but I need them that way to help get vane clearance, and they shoot great.

I don't cant unless I have to.

Fantastic! Thanks for the breakdown Rick.

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