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Originally Posted by jared_bays View Post
Well, I didn't make it. I stayed up way to late watching t.v, I had to watch HBO's "Taking Chance".

How did y'all do?
Paintman, sorry to hear about your mother in law. I shot one "BUT"....... heres the story.

TXFIREFIGHTER and I got out there a little later than we wanted but got on pigs pretty quick. Met up with a guy who was camping at the PC and said he had been seeing them also. Isaac and I started pushing pigs around trying to get shots but just kept on missing them. At about 9 we both parralled each other with a thicket of blood weeds between us and all of a sudden I see this pig come out of the weeds on only its two front legs. I shoot at it, 40 yards and miss high, he runs into the weeds and I take up after him. I was right on him most of the time and pulled back two times but couldn't get a shot becasue It was to thick or I didn't have a shot to him. A few times I got right up on him and he turned towards me and tried coming after me but couldn't, had he had both legs... wow he woulda hurt me. So I make it to a partial clearing in the weeds and finally get a shot at about ten feet. He starts to move so I run up next to him and begin to try and pull my arrow out so he doesn't roll and bust my $13 arrow, I got it out and was then joined by the other hunter who was at the PC and he gave me his knife which I used to pu the pig out of his misery. I pulled him out and got pics with my phone. He was small, maybe 50/60 lbs but it was fun. He really smelled rotten, like something was really wrong with him, although we could see why his legs were broke so we decided to pull him into the weeds for the coyotes.

Sooo, I got one but it was a mercy killing.

Had fun meeting TXFIREFIGHTER, great guy. i hope to hunt agin with him soon.

Planning on going back out Tuesday mourning.
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