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Originally Posted by J Sweet View Post
I hope and we shall see. It is looking like the globalists and statists have already been run out of the UK and now the US. Tomorrow the Netherlands may vote to do the same by electing Geert Wilders and then France by electing Marie Le Pen.

Polls for the Netherlands show Geert as neck and neck with the incumbent. Polls are skewed in favor of the incumbent so lots of parallels here with the Trump election. More parallels still with Marie Le Pen who is drawing Trump like crowds to her rallies and is polling very high as well. Frances election to happen next month. Exciting times indeed.
LePen has definitely worked to separate her fathers party from it's horrible past. She even kicked her dad out of the party and told the skin heads to stay away from events. Yep, gonna be interesting to see who wins these races and how they use their nationalist stance to get things thru there various governmental systems!
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