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I'm going to try and keep this short as possible. My wife's uncle is a Lampasas County Deputy and a stand up guy. He married one of my wife's friends from high school and a couple years ago she was diagnosed with brain cancer. After treatments and by the grace of God the tumor went away and she was in remission. They were blessed with their first child, a baby girl about one month ago. We just found out today she was having some complications this week and went into surgery for a biopsy today. The cancer is back and she is having complications from the scar tissue, it is apparently very detrimental to her healthy brain tissue. She is only 29 years and I can't even imagine what they are going through. As you can imagine being that he is a deputy he is not getting rich in that profession, she is unable to work, and he has to work part time as an electrician and helps his father in law build homes. He would never ask for money but I would have to think their medical bills are outlandish. I feel inclined to do something and will probably be trying to do some sort of benefit in the near future. When she was first diagnosed with cancer and going through treatments, I asked mods about doing a benefit or raffle on her but I was told he had to be a forum member or immediate family if I remember right. So if that is still the case I am asking for your prayers as I know that is the most important thing right now. Thanks in advance.

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