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Originally Posted by flywise View Post
I dont get why a person requires elec. and water.
If i had to find another lease i would not sign anything that required me to pay for elec. or water because i would not use any. And I certainly be fine to find a place that did not provide either.
Id never pay for improvements to another man place ( like dig or repair a well)
Id help with the labor on any project but im not paying for it.
If you want to work on your place in the summer and sweat your butt off for days on end with no shower, that's your deal. I care more about my bowhunting than that. I said it was a staple. I didn't say someone wouldn't lease a piece of unimproved property but lacking those "amenities" lowers the value in my eyes. As much as it costs to hunt and purchase equipment and feed, I'm not going to sell my success short by not showering and neglecting basic needs. If you guys want that, sounds like there's a place in New Braunfels that just opened up.
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