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Angry Looks Like We Are Losing Our Lease !

So it seems as though our deer lease might be coming to an end soon. The land owner's son (David) lives on the property we hunt and he's always been good to us until this year. About 5 months ago he requested that our ram rod (Larry) put the electricity in his name. Larry reminded him the original agreement was that they provide electricity and water. He said yes I'm aware of that but this is how it has to be. So Larry (being the stand up guy he is) called the power company and started the process to switch the meter to his name. The power company told him he would have to pay the commercial rate because its not a residence. Well that translates into much higher bills (about three times higher to be honest). Flash forward to January and our well at the camp decides to stop working. David had a guy come out and look at it and it was determined to be to expensive to fix so now we have no water. Larry called me this morning to tell me he's getting off the lease because he asked David to lower the price of the lease until we have water again and David busted out laughing.
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