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I've been shopping for an recent model ('13 to '16) F250 diesel for several hours day over the last couple of weeks. I'm blown away by the cost of a used F250.

I've almost gone to purchase a couple. Both were 2015 F250 Lariats

One had 39,*** miles, ingot metallic, new all toyo tires, clean as a whistle, 1 owner carfax and the dealer got down to $45,988.

The other almost identical, 30,*** miles, ingot metallic, 1 owner car fax clean bed no scratches for $45,900.
Both were trucks I'd be ecstatic to own and drive.

I considered these deals to be the best due to the lower miles on a F250 Lariat. I even went and pulled 30k cash for down payment. I missed the first one, it sold the night before. The 2nd went to auction and came back, still available at dealership again..wierd.

Now I've been talked into a brand new 2017 F250 Lariat. I've found some right at $54K, but I talked to another trusted dealer who advised me to wait until FEB 15 for truck month to begin and I will get one at an even better price due to the rebates Ford will release.

I figured, heck IF I'm going to spend 46k plus on a truck with 30 - 40k miles I might as well spend 6 TO 8k more on a brand new truck with zero miles, full warranty and a new body and interior!

What gets me, is that I never even CONSIDERED THE THOUGHT of buying a new truck because I drive 40,000 to 50,000 miles a year at minimum! I did not want to take the hit on new truck, but considering what these used trucks are costing...its almost foolish for me not to buy a new one.

I'm waiting on Feb 15th to see what happens with pricing on a new one, but I'm almost to the point of frustration and what my father calls paralysis of analysis due to all the researching and shopping I've been doing. I'm about to say **** it and just buy one and get it behind me.
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