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Originally Posted by BigThicketBoy View Post
I watched some of the videos and if I ate like that I would starve.
What are you real folks eating?
I work construction so I'm kinda limited what I can eat at lunch and I usually can't eat again until 7pm.
I only need to drop 20- 25 lbs.

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Typical day for me is

1/2 link venison sausage
1 avocado

Macadamia nuts
2 cheese sticks

Grilled chicken salad with blue cheese dressing

1 avocado
4 sugar free jello

1/2 link venison sausage or 3-5 eggs depending on available calories left

Plus, 4 tsp heavy cream in 2 cups of coffee.

That is a typical daily eats for me

Comes up to roughly 2550 calories

Edit....I also work nights as well.
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