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Good thread!!

I've been on a Keto diet since January. I was in pretty good shape already, but I am really trying to make a lifestyle change. I run about 40 miles a month and have not really noticed any performance issues. The first two weeks were tough, but I adapted and have been good since.

It's pretty sad to look around as see the results of the so called "Food Pyramid" thats being pushed on us - obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Nothing like doing what the doctor (AMA) and Gov't (FDA) say and then being forced to take 10 different overpriced medicines to be "healthy". Doctors and pharmaceutical companies don't make much money by making you really healthy.

Every person is different, but it doesn't take a PhD to see that what has been recommended for the last 60 years in wrong. Do your research, experiment, and above all do what works for you.


Truth, if you want to watch a good independent movie about the Pharm industry, watch Chris Bells production of Prescription Thugs on Netflix.

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Funny I thought I was in hog heaven we I found this but I think I'm getting tired of bacon!!

lol never thought I could say that.

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Amen I lived 2 years with things like egg whites and low fat diet trying to lower my LDL. Didn't help at all my DR said well you just make too much so here take this pill........

So yes this is worth a shot when i see others doing it going off meds vs on meds. Only numbers that matter to me are internal not the scale.
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I had extremely high cholesterol when we checked it about 2 years ago. We dropped every ounce of dietary cholesterol we could out of our diet, got a personal trainer three times a week at the house, and I lost about 20lbs in 6 months.... my cholesterol only went dow from 289 to 283 with ALL THAT. I will be very interested to see my cholesterol after 5-6 months of this diet.

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Their has been research done lately that says dietary intake of cholesterol has no effect on your actual cholesterol level. But, take it with a grain of salt.
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