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Originally Posted by GBludau View Post
Ive seen quite a few deer. 4 bucks. Had a 1.5 yr old 6 at 25 yards, multiple does and yearlings. I rattled in a good mature buck, looked like a 9, wide. I saw him cruising about 90 yards away, couldnt get him to hear a grunt, rattled quickly and got my bow in hand. He appeared somehow or another, from the opposite direction I saw him originally traveling, 22yards away almost down wind. He stiff walked in with ears laid flat back, hair bristled up, posturing up hard! He winded me and turned around quickly and headed out the way he came. I let one loose at 30yards and slung it right over him. [emoji21]

Had to try.

Had a 2.5 yr old 8pt standing in the same spot 4 min later....ate corn for a few minutes. I snapped a few photos.

Still at it.

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Exciting! Are you In a brush blind or tripod or? Let's see your set up
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