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Originally Posted by Maddox View Post
Looks like it is happening. Wonder how the media will negatively spin this.
Don't worry... Jim will think of something.

sheesh, what a piece of work...

At the most historic point during this most historic day, Jim Acosta from CNN showed his true colors with the most disgusting question at the most inappropriate time. He should never be allowed into a Presidential or White House presser ever again.
President Trump today was enjoying one of the most significant and historical moments of his Presidency. He had somehow brought the leader of North Korea to the table to sign the most important agreement in the last 70 years for the Korean people. The President brought Kim Jong Un to Singapore to negotiate a deal between the US and North Korea. Only a year ago Korea was sending rockets over Japan and today their leader was signing an agreement with US President Trump.

Months of hard work and diplomacy were reaching their apex. The moment will go down in history. Then Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta, the darling of the disgusting left, blurted out loudly for all to hear –

“Did you talk about Otto Warmbier sir?”
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