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Minor update. My tractor is still sitting in the weeds at the repair shop. The two week estimate has come and gone twice. Shredded most of it with my skid loader (a job much better suited for a tractor), but need to drag it and spray it yet this week. Planting is scheduled for 5 days after spraying. So probably end of next week. Late, but hopefully not fatally so.

Other isssues at the ranch have made me rethink my tractor issues. Bids on fencing and clearing have come in at about $7.50/ft and $800/acre. Will get some of the exterior fence done for cattle, but will still have dividing fences to run myself. Meanwhile will continue my slow clearing process and fencing in manageable bits. Eventually the field renovation will require a larger tractor (to comfortably handle an offset plow and possibly grader)- which will easily do any food plot work I can ever dream about. Will make do this year, but will probably be able to plow eventually

So dreaming more of tractors than food plot equipment now. Food plot equipment will be cheep compared to the eventual tractor I fear.
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