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Originally Posted by Mousehunter View Post
I got a drag harrow for landscape work, have not used it for planting yet. Will defiantly look into a tow behind spreader (pretty sure the one stolen was 3pt), the receiver spreader (for corn feeding) did not throw all that well, and I did not want to run fertilizer through it anyway.

Local seed shop recommended disk, broadcast, and drag. He liked rows, but not for deer mix, and not really for small areas. Of course his solution is just increase your seeding rates... easy solution for a seed dealer.
Will start pestering my Tractor guys again to see when they have time to mess with a project...
Your seeding rate does need to be increased when broadcasting but only because some of it is bound to stay on top and birds, crows, and squirrells will eat it.

My procedure goes like this:
Spray for vegetation if necessary, wait about a week to insure a good burn-down.
Disc the dead vegetation under until the plot is fluffy.
Drag the plot smooth (this somewhat packs the surface giving you a firm seedbed).
Adjust my disc gangs one position off of straight and disc just enough to cut shallow grooves in the soil.
Spread your seed and fertilizer according to recommendations.
Drag your plot once again. This will sweep most of the seeds into the "grooves" that you cut with the disc.
If you have a roller or cultipacker, run that over the plot. This is not necessary, but I like to use a cultipacker, since I have one.

This procedure has worked for me many times in the past, and all you need is a tractor, disc, broadcast seeder, and a tire drag you can make for the cost of the chain that holds it together. I have them on every place I plant. I also have the store bought drag from Tractor Supply and I prefer the tire drag.
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