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Gentlemen! I have officially started a new fishery, and your welcome for disclosing it, because it's so **** fun!

My neighbor and I ran out to some rigs last Saturday in his bay boat. We left out of Freeport and ran straight out to that rig that's in about 100' of water in hopes to find a mackerel bite and maybe see a Cobia. Well about 15 other boats had the same idea since it was so pretty and it was a parking lot... No Kings or Spanish, just a bunch of people holding up around the rig catching Red Snappers that they had to throw back. LUCKILLLYYYY, I had my daughters pink Bear Apprentice rigged for bowfishing in my truck and stuffed it in a compartment before leaving the dock. The rig was loaded with Spadefish, about a football fields worth of them suspended just under the surface on the western side of the rig. Pulled out the pink bow and proceeded to whoop some major Spadefish butt! Got three big ones in ten minutes, depth of shot ranging from 2-5ft. I then gave the bow to my neighbor for a try. He managed to get two more in another 10 minutes, and then he shot without pressing the button on the reel and blew up the gears... Had 5 in the boat, then worked our way back to the pass. It was brief, but I plan on going back this weekend to a rig and killing em till the coolers full. With conditions like last Saturday, you could literally shoot 500 times at fish if you wanted to.

I've heard that Spadefish was good to eat, but never tried it till after the trip. It's better than redfish and trout, that's a promise. Go get you some!!!
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