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Originally Posted by Stick1 View Post
Funny you mention that. I was out at a friends shop in AZ last year visiting with him. I was telling him how nervous the CF barrels made me from a fixturing standpoint, and all of the pains we go through to baby them through the chambering process. He looked at me like I was crazy then proceeded to grab one off his rack and knocked the $#^* out his his toolbox with it then handed it to me! The dude is crazy, but I don't worry about them quite as much as I did before that little demo Seriously though, those guys hunt vertical, rocky country almost always. When they aren't building rifles they are guiding in that same country for Coues, Elk or somewhere else chasing sheep. The CF builds hold up as good or better than anything according to them. It's been my experience as well when compared to blued or cerakoted steel. CF stocks will take a lick as well.
Good to know. Also I tend to look at my hunting rifles the same way I look at my trucks. Scratches and accidents are inevitable. If I wasn’t ok with that idea I wouldn’t spend that much money in the first place. Want is y’alls experience with the 28 nosler? Would it make a quality hunting round for larger game and how does the recoil tend to compare to the 300wm? Even though others have recommended some other places APR will still most likely be my first stop when I start getting into this project. The rifles y’all are building are of great quality and really liked the customer service the times I have been to the shop.
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