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Originally Posted by Stolle View Post
1 day(8 hour machine time) minimum most of the time. Itís a lot of work to unload and load the machine for an hour of work. I will consider all jobs. If I have a couple small jobs in the same area I will be work with the customers that donít have 8 hours of brush to clear.

Iím going to try to stay away from quoting by size because so many factors dictate how long it will take. Depends on the terrain, size of the brush, but trees that are being left, etc....

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Doing a day rate is your best bet. That is what has worked best for me. I alwaYs tell the customer if it is a multi-day job, Iíll offer them a discount. If it is a single day, I charge $x,***.00 per day. Do not haggle price with them. Give them your rate and if they donít like it, move on. What the customer gets in return for the service we offer is outstanding. Work that would take them weeks or months to do by hand. And when they tell you ď I can hire a dozer for $75/hrĒ......tell them to go ahead and do it. By the time they pay to have it cleared, the piles burned or buried, then deal with all the exposed dirt and erosion, they would have been better off paying us. Iíve learned real quick that you have to know when certain customers arenít worth your time.
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