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Originally Posted by dk_ace View Post
I think what happened here is youíre running gunnyartís specs in gclydeís thread. I thought you were posting arrow specs for gclyde, the OP, who shoots my specs. I donít see gunnyartís specs in this thread unless I just overlooked them somewhere.

Iíve been curious to try TAP. I like AA, but sometimes it does weird stuff that gets on my nerves. Iíve put in exactly the same setup twice and gotten very different results. Fortunately, Iíve done this enough to know that the first result wasnít right.

I see. The only place Gunnyart's are posted is in the AA image of his bow's spec's.

Tap Pro has been great for many years, but he still hasn't updated the database for 2018 yet, so I am looking around for another one. I hope the platform will be supported for a long time, but just in case I'm trying others again.

I guess OT2 is next...
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