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It's Pre-Season, It's Pre-Season, It's Pre-Season, It's Pre-Season...
Signed, Texans Fan

Guys, it doesn't matter, let's talk in 8 weeks. September 11 vs Bears is where it begins. Enjoy a 4-0 pre-season, seriously, enjoy it. I like the fact that OB is trying to instill a winning culture around our players / staff. I am with him, if we are going to play a game, we might as well win it. Take away that awful Weeden pick-6 and we win 28-10, we crushed them. Our 3rd and 4th stringers are better than theirs, who cares?

QB play drives this league, and it was blatantly obvious that Savage and Weeden were better than Showers. If I were Dallas I'd be looking for someone else to back-up Prescott, heaven forbid something happens to him. But guess what... that doesn't matter either. We paid Osweiler $72 million to be be our guy, Savage & Weeden better not see the field, unless we are blowing somebody out. If one of those guys start, we are in trouble because it means our $72 million dollar man is worse than we thought or injured.

So enjoy the good showing in these past 3.5 weeks, but don't talk crap. It is as bad as Aggie fans who talk garbage to UT or anyone in the SEC. Do something, don't claim 1939, and then we can talk. UT, LSU, Bama... They have pelts on the wall.

Enjoy your weekend guys... I'll start posting on September 11.
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