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Default Scrap lumber potting station....

So the wife wanted a potting station for the back yard. I gathered up all the scrap lumber I had from past projects and let the creative juices flow.

After a few beers, and quite a bit of table saw work, I think I have something that will work for a while.

The back piece is a cheaply made wall decoration. The cabinet portion I covered in roughing tar paper to keep out as much water as possible. I'll need to figure out a way to repel the black widows and such.

I used old fence pickets for the sides and back and then a pair of old oak cabinets set doors to seal up the front.

I cheated and bought wood for some of the top.

Yes, those are scrap pieces of 4x4's you'll see in the pics.

We also have an antique porch lantern my wife's grandfather made by hand. That will hang over the station once we get it in the back yard and run electrical

We will paint it a drab green all over but also want to accentuate the top and door centers with a shade of white that will complement the green.

I'll try to upload pictures of the progress so far.
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