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Originally Posted by jer_james View Post
These are the facts - This is what happens when you try to impose what you believe onto someone else.

Sound Familiar?
Yeah your right we should just keep giving countries that hate us tons of money - said no one ever

Also everyone I talk to does not hate Trump but instead have a strong disdain for the disinformation in their own country as well as ours

MANY MANY of the online responses to quash conservatives are bots some even human bots - when you check their profile they are people with zero posts - eventhough you are reading them - no pics - no followers and when called out they just disappear! So I wouldn't go around bragging about being a sheeple w/o doing your homework

Remember that at Dem rallies the attendance is morbid numbers so until called out the MSM tries to make you believe a lie. Even when called out they STILL try to paint the lie.

The ACLU is a lib camp and according to them libs have rights but not conservatives even in publicly traded companies.

Go look online for the Tommy Robinson protests I saw one where when the police tried to contain them hundreds of officers ran for their lives as the mob chased em down - yet nothing on the news
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