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I feel your pain. I've had the same problem over the years and my only solution is to have the deer closer than 20 yds. When they get within 8-15 yds. your success will definately increase. Just look/aim lower. My first trad kill was a spike I had shot at twice before (both shots over his back). I shot him with a Black Widow LAG Longbow 58# @ 28" but at my 26" draw was only about 52# and probably less than 170 fps. I was about 12 feet up in an oak and shot him at 10 yds. while looking at his kneecap and spined him. He dropped that much in a fraction of a second.

Looking at the math, sound travels at 1085 fps (roughly), therefore an arrow shot at 175 fps will be traveling 6.2 times slower than sound. Thus, allowing ample time for the deer to react.

I had a doe last year on alert at 12 yds when I shot. I thought she had ducked as far as possible but at my shot, she ducked a bit more. I hit her in the backstrap and thus no recovery. My nephew shot her a couple of days later and my cedar shaft and Grizzly BH was still in the backstrap. They are amazing animals, for sure.

Best of luck to ya.

Doug Key
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