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I shot at a couple deer this year with a #46(twice)and a #57. The #46 I lead to far and then hit the arm rest on my climber. The first shot didn't faze the 5 deer that was there, the second somewhat spooked them. The #57 struck the deer about 2 inches low(I know because I just shot it with a 12 ga.). It didn't frighten the four other deer with him. I would use a heavier arrow, lots of times that will make it a little quieter, I think that is what your problem is, not arrow speed or anything. You are talking less than a blink of an eye at reasonable archery range. It doesn't really matter too much how fast an arrow is going, it is how quiet it is. Try some limbsavers, another set of string silencers, move your string silencers up or down your string, or if you can, I have a poly cord in my shafts. Makes my shafts around 550 grains after it is said and done.

Chris Kiefner
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