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Originally Posted by Smart View Post
Gods? Are we twisted because folks suggest doing it differently?[emoji102][emoji41]

Hey man... if sliced smoked pork is what you like then 160deg and this tent job you mentioned is fine. Although Iím not real sure what the hour tent job accomplishes. Pork chops and steaks are safe to consume at 140 now according to the FDA..160 is well past that. Get after it with a knife.[emoji1303]

If pulled pork BBQ (Shredded) is the endgame then you are gonna be disappointed at 160 and an this tent job. Pork does not separate at those temps. The collagen and muscles fibers arenít broken down at that temp enough to allow it. Itís science. Not a gods work.

Signed BBQ Hercules
in my pit after 8 hours at 225-250 and I see 1 1/2 inch bone, its done for me.
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