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Originally Posted by Randy Madden View Post
They come in 17 or 30 lb test line. I've had several pass through a that broke off and several that didn't. It usually depends on the cover. Lots of vines and briars tend to get a thorn in them and cause a break. The line drags thru brush very easily. I've had several lines over 300 yrds to a dead hog. The hog in my avatar went well over 300 yrds with a single lung hit. It's been about 50-50 on wether or not the line breaks in my experience.
I've used them with compounds with about the same results.
I won't hog hunt with out one unless I'm doing some spot and stalk. It's has saved my "bacon" several times!

Yeah but that hog is HUGE! I imagine the one lung he had left was still providing more air than two lungs in a normal sized hog.

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