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I think its nice to finally have a Mathews bow do its advertised IBO. This is even more awesome that Jerry's apparent bow will do OVER IBO. People don't think Mathews has a winner here, but I'll argue that point all day. They improved upon everything I thought they could with the original Z7 platform. Removed all the red accents on the roller and cam module, less reflexed riser, DRAW STOP for a more solid back wall, and the weight of the Z7 XT was really closer to 4.4 lbs (advertised at 3.98# i believe) due to the ** on the Mathews site saying without accessories like the harmonic dampers or the heavy harmonic stabilizer. So in all reality Mathews shaved almost a whole pound off this bow and still raised ATA by 2". A winner in my book!

Hey Jerry, do you have time today to weigh an xtreme and let us know true bare bow weight so we know the actual difference between the 2? Thanks.

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