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Lemme see, i planted my tricale about 3-4 weeks ago, and overseeded my brassica mix into it maybe 10-12 days ago. Really I like to plant my fall plots mid-late September, whenever I get the moisture. I had no moisture until the big rains hit this time, about the 25th of Sept.

BTW, I knew an old man about 30 miles from here, he always did everything the old school way, using the Old Farmers Almanac and going by the signs. Didn't matter what he was doing. Planting the garden, castrating a hog, butchering a cow, setting trotlines for catfish. If the signs weren't right he wouldn't do it. He told me that May 26 and Sept 26 were rain days. That if you needed to bank on a rain, you could plan on getting a rain within 24 hours of those 2 days every year. He told me if you were a betting man and bet on it every year, you would make a whole lot more money than you lost. Ever since he told me that I have been watching it, and he is right more times than he is wrong. That is one reason I plant my plots then.
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