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Originally Posted by Bretto22 View Post
Hey man good to back in for this year!! My dad and his buddies got back today from Lakeview! Wet and nasty!! Green as ever!! And game is abundant they said!! Said they saw lots of Mulie’s, lots of whitetails, and lots of quail(which is why they lease this place I just get the benefit of of deer huntin it!!)!! 1 covey they said we’re about 2-2 1/2 inches tall!! Should b big deer but may be hard to see and find bc of food choices..
Great to see you check in Bretto and thanks for the update! I've got a guy that's been trying to get out and shred my trails for weeks now and the moisture has kept him off. Sounds like the rain has also enabled lots of 2nd coveys too.

If you're going to be around the last half of November, shoot me a note and maybe we could link up for a bite or something. Outside of spending a couple days in Kansas and hosting one of my buddies fresh from Kuwait for one of the weekends, I should be around.
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