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Went out on Sunday. Was walking/scouting from noon til 8pm and I can feel it today.

Jumped deer in three different locations. Still seeing lots of does and fawns. I see at least two or three fawns every trip out which is great. Just not seeing many bucks. Got a small 7 or 8 on camera, he won't be legal.

Got a owl, coyote, pigs and deer all in one cam within two weeks at a new location.

Finally found some oaks that dropped acorns last year though I'm not sure what kind they are (I know they are a species of red oak, I think maybe a pin oak). Bunch of rubs around this stand of oaks from last year so it ought to be a good spot this year. Problem is it's at least a 30 min walk on foot.

Here some pics and vids I got:

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