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Originally Posted by Rat View Post
As Enewman said, it doesn't make common sense when shot into a friction stop target.

MANY years ago, some friends and me got together to try some things. This was when we first started reading about Ashby and his experiments. We built what we called the "Domino Target".

You see, we had heard that 10 gauge metal was equal in tensile strength to rib bones; I don't know if that is true or not, but that's what we heard. I worked for a sheet metal shop at the time, so we started shooting stuff. We built a target stand that would hold four 12 x 12 pieces of 10 gauge sheet metal 6 inches apart; they looked like dominoes when inserted into the target, hence the name.

We then started to tear stuff up, broadheads, arrows, sheet metal plates, everything. We shot all different kinds of arrows into those plates, heavy, high FOC, light, weak spine, stiff spine; just about everything you can think of. We could change the orientation of the plates from a "broadside" shot to any angle we wanted; and each plate was able to be at a different angle. We shot a lot of arrows. We had 100 plates.

What we found was that the higher the FOC the better the penetration through the plates, especially at weird angles. We only used three broadheads, Muzzy, Thunderhead and Zwickey. The Muzzy trocar tip never failed to penetrate, while every now and then with a steep enough angle we could get a Zwickey or a T-head to skip off; these were extreme angle cases.

Shooting arrows through two plates, and then three and eventually four, really opened our eyes to what an arrow broadhead combination is capable of when done right.

The main thing I retained out of these experiments was this; for the same weight arrow, the one with higher FOC will out penetrate every time, and if it was a two blade, it was a lot more penetration.

We didn't keep records, but we shot everything we had, three different bows and shooters, hundreds of different arrow/broadhed combinations and case after case of beer.

We didn't have a chrono back then so I can't say what the speeds were, but I would imagine they were probably around the 260-280 FPS mark. My PSE at the time was the only bow that had been chronoed and it shot 277 FPS.

Other than my broadhead target, which is a sand trap, this is the only penetration testing I have ever done.

Now that I'm waxing nostalgic I may re-run this little experiment and make a video of it all. It was very interesting to say the least.

Here is a good video with a bunch of numbers that Ranch Fairy just put out a few days ago with some good shots on a 175 lb dead pig; many different arrows and broadhead combinations.
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