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Originally Posted by Rat View Post
If you want me to run your arrow...

Send me a PM with:

Your bow's make, model and year along with the current spec's (draw weight and length).

Your arrow build info, make model and length of arrow (carbon to carbon), fletching type and number, nock type (plus any bushings), tip weight and insert type. Anything that adds weight will also need to be included, like wraps or lighted nocks, etc.

Send your email in the PM and I will work it up and then send you a screen shot of the arrow as it is now and with the changes you want to make to show the difference.

For those of you wanting a program of your own. I use TAP Pro, this is a full ballistic program for everything. but there is also a product called Spinal TAP that is just for arrows. I have been using TAP Pro for years and is the most accurate arrow ballistic program I have found; as determined by the accuracy of the tape and cut chart outputs anyway.

It is not free and I don't know if there is a free trial period or not.

Keep in mind that if you have a brand 2018 bow I will not have the specs for this bow until late Feb. or early March. But I can get it close enough for arrow spine selection.
Email sent.....#PotLicking!
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